The Building Inspections Department provides the executive leadership needed to effectively conduct the business of our County Government in the areas of:

  • Building Construction: Conduct plan reviews, issue permits, perform inspections and testing, issue Certificates of Occupancy for each form of new, repaired, or altered construction in the county.
  • Building Safety: Research State Statutes and Building Codes, and coordinate all county department approvals to achieve a maximum of building safety for the general public whether it be in our schools, businesses, or residential homes.
  • Public Awareness: Act as liaison for the public and contractors. Accumulate, documents and update the public to code requirements and safety issues.
  • Enforcement: Investigate complaints, fire and demolition activities; Respond to emergencies, issue abatements, cease and desists, violations, request orders of condemnation, injunctions, and fines to achieve code compliance.

Newly Adopted Building Code Enforcement Ordinance, Adopted June 21, 2021

The Greene County Board of Commissioners on June 21, 2021 adopted a new Building Code Enforcement Ordinance to reflect changes by new Legislation passed in N.C.G.S. Chapter 160 D.  The new ordinance shown below replaces the previous ordinance shown in the Greene County Ordinances effective on June 21, 2021.

Applications and Permits


Greene County Policy and Procedure for New Construction

The purpose of this policy is to establish procedures necessary for new residential or commercial construction in Greene County.  This policy outlines the proper steps, directions, and required information for persons or entities looking to build or erect a structure in Greene County.  This policy outlines all the necessary permits and applications needed for this process. The intent of this policy is to make the procedure more efficient and to benefit persons or entities looking to develop in Greene County.

New Construction Policy and Procedure

Mission Statement

Maximize building safety for the general public and uphold the State Building Code, efficiency and public relations.

Other Information

NC Floodplain Mapping

Abandoned, Nuisance, and Junked Vehicles Complaint Form



Greene County Planning & Inspections Department

229 Kingold Blvd, Suite E
Snow Hill, NC 28580

 Phone Number: 252-747-4019

Hours of Operation

  • Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm


Scott Sutton, Inspections Director

Email address: 

Phone number: 252-747-4019



Dylan Costello, Building Inspector

Email Address:

Phone number: 252-747-4019

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