Board Openings:

Please submit all completed Board Appointment Applications to the County Manager's Office at 229 Kingold Blvd, Snow Hill, NC 28580 by mail or hand delivery.

Board Vacancies:

For more information on various boards, please contact the appropriate department. If you do not find the information you are searching for, please contact our main office at 252-747-3446 so we may assist you.

Greene County Board of Commissioners

District Year Term Ends
Bennie Heath 4 2022
Derek Burress 2 2024
Susan Blizzard 5 2022
Jerry Jones 2022
James T. Shackleford 1 2024

Greene County Board of Education

Name Position Year Term Ends
Pat Adams Chairman 2022
Brandon Johnson 2024
Leisa Batts 2022
Joseph Smith 2022
Joey Rackley 2024

Greene County Sheriff

Name Position Year Term Ends
Lemmie Smith Sheriff 2022

Greene County Clerk of Court

PositionYear Term Ends
Holly LittleClerk of Court2022

Greene County Soil and Water Conservation Board

PositionYear Term Ends
Jack Edmondson, Jr.Chairman2022
Jerry Jones Appointed
Rick Harper Appointed
Donald Beaman 2022
Stephen Porter 2024

Town of Hookerton Board Members

PositionYear Term Ends
Bobby TaylorMayor2021
Catherine Carraway 2021
Doris Jones 2021
Arthur Robinson 2023
Sandra Stocks 2023

Town of Snow Hill Board Members

PositionYear Term Ends
Dennis LilesMayor2021
Dianne Andrews 2023
Geraldine Shackleford 2021
Robert (Bobby) Taylor 2021
Lorrine Washington 2023
Rosa Wilkes 2021

Town of Walstonburg Board Members

PositionYear Term Ends
Brenda HaymondMayor2021
Ray Holloman 2021
Dianne McKeel Morris 2021
Michael Bishop 2021
Jarrod McKeel 2021
Ronald Turner 2021

Maury Sanitary Land District Board Members

PositionYear Term Ends
Pete Beamon 2023
Julian Jones, Jr. 2021
Triva Mason 2021
Lawrence Moye, Jr. 2023
Henry Pasour 2021

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Greene County

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Snow Hill, NC 28580

Phone: 252-747-3446

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8am – 5pm

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