Below is a list detailing the various departments and divisions that combine to make the structure of Greene County government. You will find a list of contacts for each department or division, as well as contact information for each office and county name. If you do not find the information you are searching for, please contact our main office at 252-747-3446.

Greene County

229 Kingold Blvd
Snow Hill, NC 28580

Phone: 252-747-3446

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday
8am – 5pm

Department / Division
Contact Phone / Email
Animal Shelter Kyle DeHaven 252-747-3446
Building Inspections Scott Sutton 252-747-4019
Clerk of Court Holly Little 252-747-6200
County Attorney Gay Stanley
County Manager Kyle DeHaven 252-747-3446
Cooperative Extension Jessica Anderson


Economic Development Harold Thomas 252-747-3446 ext. 253
Elections Trey Cash 252-747-5921
Emergency Services Brock Kearney 252-747-2544


Health Joy Brock 252-747-8181
Human Resources 252-747-3446

Planning Brandon Sutton 252-747-4019
Public Works David Jones 252-747-5720
Recreation Mike Anderson 252-747-2641
Register of Deeds Nancy Murphy 252-747-3620
Safety Brock Kearney 252-747-2544
Senior Services Sharon Harrison 252-747-5436
Sheriff’s Office Matt Sasser 252-747-3411
Social Services Amanda Smith 252-747-532
Soil & Water Conservation Dawn Murphy 252-747-3705 x 3
Tax Stephanie Wiggins 252-747-3615
Transportation Misty Chase 252-747-8474
Veterans Service Office Ray Holloman 252-747-7320
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