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Greene County was recently awarded $56,000 in grant funding by N.C. Tobacco Trust Fund to renovate a section of the Elaney Wood Heritage Farmers Market into a conference room.

The NCTTFC was created to assist current/former tobacco farmers, former quota holders, persons engaged in tobacco-related businesses, individuals displaced from tobacco-related employment, and tobacco product component businesses in NC that have been affected by the adverse effects of the MSA. The NCTTFC can disburse funds through compensatory programs and qualified agricultural programs.

The Governor, Speaker of the House and the President Pro Tem of the Senate appoint our eighteen board members. Our board meets quarterly and as needed to carry out NCTTFC business.

The NCTTFC is managed financially by the State Treasurer, and we are administratively housed in the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The NCTTFC is independent, with all grant and policy decisions authorized by our board. The Commission reports annually to the NC Legislative Commission on Governmental Operations regarding its programs.

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