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Bridgett Sasser has been appointed as the new Greene County Register of Deeds.

With nine years of experience in the Register of Deeds office, Sasser is well-prepared for her new role. Starting as a Deputy Register of Deeds in August 2014 and advancing to Assistant Register of Deeds in 2019, Sasser has received comprehensive cross-training in all aspects of the Register of Deeds office. Her prior experience at BB&T further enhances her qualifications.

Residing in Greene County for 19 years, Sasser is deeply connected to the community. Married for 12 years with three sons Sasser is excited to assume the position of Greene County Register of Deeds and is dedicated to maintaining the office’s exceptional service standards.

Her commitment to accuracy, efficiency, and customer satisfaction will ensure continued excellence for the citizens of Greene County.

Mrs. Nancy Murphy retired as the Register of Deeds on July 1, 2023.

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